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AI4MediaBench is a web-based platform designed to facilitate collaboration among researchers, developers, and data scientists, particularly in the fields of artificial intelligence. It serves as a venue for running and participating in competitions and benchmarks, offering a space for testing new algorithms against reference datasets or submitting challenging data to reference algorithms.

Organizers can create competitions, defining the problem statement, objectives, and evaluation criteria. They can customize the competition settings to suit the specific requirements of their research or challenge. Competitions can be created through a GUI wizard or a bundle (a self-contained unit that encapsulates the essential components of a competition). Organizers can adjust competition rules and settings dynamically, allowing for real-time adaptations based on the evolving needs of the competition or unforeseen circumstances. Additionally, organizers can provide comprehensive documentation and resources for participants, including guidelines, starter kits, and any necessary information for understanding the competition tasks and requirements.

Participants can submit code or results, which are executed or evaluated in a controlled setting, ensuring fairness and promoting transparency. Both organizers and participants can share insights, methodologies, and code, enabling them to build upon each other’s ideas.

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